Lost your sense of smell and taste? Here’s how to help get it back

Lost your sense of smell and taste? Here’s how to help get it back


What can you do to regain your sense of smell after a coronavirus infection?

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There is no sense of smell. There is no sense of taste. I’m not sure what’s going on. Does this ring a bell? It most likely does if you’re a COVID-19 long hauler.

&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;&;. ‘However, a small minority of people report that their sense of smell hasn’t returned totally or normally.’

According to Dr. Johnston, the impact of this can range from bothersome to deadly.

"You couldn’t smell if there was a fire, or if you were about to eat anything that had gone bad, or, of course, in terms of our enjoyment of eating.". If we can’t taste things well, our appetite may be suppressed, and we may not eat as much as we should or enjoy eating as much as we should."

The good news is that our sense of smell can be rehabilitated.

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&;The new word for it is smell therapy or nose physical therapy, which is a charming way of putting it. That is, you are attempting to retrain the neurons that interpret scents to learn. And how do you go about doing that? You can smell anything with a strong odor, such as roses, eucalyptus, herbs, or essential oils. "As you smell them, attempt to imagine what you’re smelling and educate your brain what it is."

Dr. Johnston explains that if smell therapy doesn’t work, other research is leading to new treatments.

&;We believe there is an inflammatory component to it as well, so steroids may be beneficial as well. We have steroids that you may spray in your nose, which could help with the scent therapy."

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