How to restore the loss of smell and taste after COVID-19

How to restore the loss of smell and taste after COVID-19

Jessi Holden, a registered dietitian at Mary Free Bed, explains how to reclaim your senses of smell and taste

WEST MICHIGAN – Many survivors of COVID-19 continue to have long-term symptoms such as a loss of smell and taste.

To discover out, 13 ON YOUR SIDE chatted with Mary Free Bed registered dietician Jesse Holden. She says there is no definite timeline for when COVID long transporters will regain their senses, but that there are steps they can take to reclaim their lives.

&;Things that are a little bit more intense than you would normally have, they can actually assist to bring flavour back in dishes or enhance foods,&; explains Jessi. “I assume a lot of people think salt will make their food taste better, but I’ve noticed in a lot of my COVID long voyages that it can really make it taste blander. So we’re prescribing things like tomato juice, pickles, orange juice, lemons, limes, and other acidic foods in the hopes of reactivating those taste buds.”

Here are five suggestions from Jessi for long truckers trying to reclaim their sense of calm:

  • Increase your intake of tart foods such as orange juice, pickles, and vinegar.
  • Experiment with different seasonings when cooking.
  • If you find it difficult to eat meat, soft proteins such as eggs and yogurt can help.
  • Smoking should be avoided.
  • Refrigerate the food before serving.

Jessi recommends using essential oils or scented candles to improve one’s sense of smell, but she says she doesn’t have enough evidence to endorse eating essential oils at this time.

Jessi believes that ‘smell training kits’ bought online and on Amazon are not worth your money, particularly those that contain smelling salt. Salt isn’t going to help you regain your sense of taste or smell.

‘Keep doing what you’re doing, work with a professional if you’re really struggling, and don’t buy into any kits that claim to be able to restore your taste buds; this isn’t true, so don’t buy into it,’ Jessi advises.

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