How to manage post-viral fatigue after COVID-19

How to manage post-viral fatigue after COVID-19

Please adhere to all government regulations. Remember to isolate yourself from your family/household as much as possible, even if they have symptoms or are self-isolating as well. If your condition worsens, get medical care as soon as possible, according to federal guidelines.

Take a break
Rest is That is crucial for your body’s defense against infection. Both your body and mind require relaxation. Limit your exposure to television, phones, and social media. Relaxation, breathing and meditation can all support quality rest – the NHS Apps Library has free tools you can try. Sensory relaxation tools such as fragrances, blankets, and relaxing music can also help. If one method fails to work for you, switch to another until you find one that does.

It’s time to sleep
You may discover that you require more sleep. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep by making your room as dark as possible, sticking to a nighttime routine, and avoiding caffeine, late eating, and using electrical devices before bed.

Providing nourishment
Maintain your normal eating and drinking habits. Being sick with a fever can cause dehydration, so drink plenty of fluids when you’re thirsty and enough to pass pee at a typical frequency and volume.

Make a move
Many times a day, get up and move around slowly and gently. This will aid with circulation and keep your body active.

Maintain a low level of activity
Energy is used in both physical and cognitive (thinking) activities. Try to complete only a few of these routines each day, including fundamental everyday activities like washing and dressing.

Take your time

COVID-19 has varied effects on different people, so give yourself some time to recuperate. Its long-term effects don’t necessarily match the intensity of the virus, and you don’t need to be hospitalized to feel tired. You may feel pressure to resume your usual activities quickly, but Don’t be in a hurry

Have a good time
Perform some low-energy hobbies you enjoy for short periods of time with regular rests, such as reading or watching TV.

Come to a halt
Please adhere to all government regulations. You should not return to work until you have fully recovered from your self-isolation. Your body must continue to concentrate on battling the virus.