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Coronavirus Self-Checker | CDC


Find new guidance for fully vaccinated people. Find a vaccine if you haven’t been vaccinated.

The CDC has modified its recommendations for those who have received all of their vaccines. Guidelines for Individuals Who Have Been Completely Vaccinated.


CDC recommends schools continue to use the current COVID-19 prevention strategies for the 2020-2021 school year. Find out more

The following is an important update on healthcare facilities

In response to COVID-19 immunization, the CDC has modified a few techniques to run healthcare systems efficiently. Find out more

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Suggestions for Individuals Who Have Been Completely Vaccinated
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Coronavirus Self-Checker is a program that checks for the presence of the virus is a program that checks for the presence of the virus is a program that checks for the presence of the virus

Coronavirus Self-Checker

Updated on the 24th of February, 2021

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The Coronavirus Self-Checker is an interactive clinical assessment tool that can help people aged 13 and up, as well as parents and caregivers of children aged 2 to 12, decide when to seek testing or medical care if they fear they or someone they know has contracted COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who has.

The online, mobile-friendly application asks a series of questions and then suggests actions and resources depending on the answers. This tool’s suggestions currently only apply to persons who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Coronavirus Self-Checker

A tool to help you make decisions on when to seek testing and medical care (unvaccinated people only).

There are two simple ways for health departments and healthcare organizations to include the Coronavirus Self-Checker into their own websites:

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You can use the Coronavirus Self-Checker widget instead of referring people to the CDC’s website. There, you can combine it with useful information about finding medical treatment in your neighborhood or through your healthcare system. The widget is completely customisable and simple to use; simply choose your preferences and paste the provided code into your website.

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Is the widget unsuitable for your website? Do you want to provide information particular to your location or healthcare system in the Coronavirus Self-Checker’s responses? Build your own self-checking tool using the CDC’s code and algorithms in a way that works on your website and meets the needs of both you and your community.

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  • Trying things out
  • Check for an active infection
  • Check for Infection from the Past
  • If You’re Sick, Here’s What You Should Do
  • For K-12 schools, a toolkit is available

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